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Wind power generated enough electricity to power four out of 10 UK homes last week – and that during a freezing March day and at a time when gas prices were at a seven year high.

From 9.30pm last Thursday night for the rest of the night and day, wind power generated 5 GW of electricity consistently over the 24 hour period, meeting over 10% of the country’s electricity needs.

Last week UK gas prices reached a seven-year-high after a pipeline connecting the UK and Belgium was shut down due to a technical fault.

“What this shows is that wind is a stable and reliable source of power generation on the scale we need, when we need it most,” Maria McCaffery, Chief Executive of industry body RenewableUK, said. The news on gas “serves as a timely reminder of the vulnerability of supply and the price volatility of imported fossil fuels,” she added.

While the UK’s recent record is impressive it falls behind countries like Spain – in April last year Spain reached a new wind power record by producing 317 GW hours of electricity, covering 61% of the country’s electricity demand.

Meanwhile in Denmark, wind power has met nearly all of the country’s electricity needs. Copenhagen Capacity reported that wind produced 3,987 MW of power one day in March this year – just 800 MW short of Danish electricity demand.


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  1. Hardly surprising considering the overly huge subsidies you get for installing these and for tax breaks and grants and for electricity sales.

    A 60% Grant to build…

    A 10 year Corporation Tax Holiday.

    An Electricity Payment of £0–95 per kWhr from the day you have gained planning permission regardless of whether you make electricity or not.

    This is a farce and a sham for which the UK tax payers and users of eletcricity are sick to the back teeth and fed up with.

    No wonder you can sell these plants onwards at 500% to 1000% their original build costs.

    You have never had it so good.

  2. Not just in the UK…the same money-pillagers in Wind Energy (of which the EWEA is the leader in massaging the truth) are doing the same across the rest of Europe and the World.

    Fortunately there are Newer Wind Energy Systems which we have seen in the Realms that are three times as efficient and cost a third to build.

    We are going for these in Italy and Bulgaria.

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